Backup to e-mail

This script sends to email backup with directory /etc/astra and file /usr/bin/astra.

Install sendemail

The SendEmail is a lightweight and completely command line-based SMTP email delivery program.

sudo apt-get install sendemail

Create a script

Create script in any text editor:


MAILTO="[email protected]"
FROM="[email protected]"

NOW=$(date +%Y%m%d)
tar -zcf $BACKUP /etc/astra /usr/bin/astra

SUBJ="$FROM backup"
BODY="The backup was successfully completed. The backup files are attached in this email"

/usr/bin/sendEmail \
    -f $FROM -t $MAILTO \
    -o message-charset=utf-8 \
    -u $SUBJ -m $BODY -a $BACKUP \
    -s $SMTPSERVER -o tls=yes -xu $SMTPLOGIN -xp $SMTPPASS
rm -f $BACKUP

Change in this script next variables:

  • MAILTO - your email address
  • SMTPSERVER - SMTP server address
  • SMTPLOGIN - SMTP server login
  • SMTPPASS - SMTP server password

Save script to /opt/

If you have 2-factor auth enabled, you need to create an "application password", then use that instead of your normal password.

Configure cron

Cron is a Linux task scheduler to periodically run any command. Open the editor with the command:

sudo crontab -u root -e

Append line to the end of file:

40 2 * * * sh /opt/ > /dev/null

Do not forget to put Enter at the end of the line to line break!

Save the file. Now at 2 hours 40 minutes (at night) you will have a backup of Astra in your e-mail