Valid license is required to launch Astra.

License Type

Astra have several licensing models:

  • Demo - this is trial license to try our software for free, without any functional limits, for a period of 40 days. It's important to note that a demo license is not intended for commercial use, and should only be used for evaluation purposes.
  • Subscription - licensing model offers a flexible and cost-effective way to access our software. In addition to providing technical support, a subscription license also includes regular software updates that allow users to access the latest features and bug fixes.

New License

You may purchase new license or get demo on our website: Get License. To install new license folow an instruction in the email with new license.

If you don't reseve email, please check in the Spam.

We send email with new license on:

  • purchase the new license
  • request the demo license
  • reset your current license

Your license will be same on:

  • renew your license
  • append more servers to your demo license
  • convert your demo license to subscription

To install new license, follow the instructions in the email. After installing the license, restart Astra from the console:

systemctl restart astra

Renew License

You may renew your subscription in your profile on our website: Profile. Your serial number will be same as before, so not needed any additional actions.

After renewing your license, please make sure to restart Astra at your earliest convenience, such as during a scheduled maintenance window or outside of peak business hours

Upgrade License

You may append more servers to your subscription in your profile on our website: Profile. Price of upgrade calculated from remain days of the subscription with discount for additional server. You may check price in our calculator.

Transfer License

You may transfer your license and subscription to another account, please contact us in chat.