Manage Astra Service

Service is an application process with specified name and own configuration.

In most Linux distributions serivces managed with systemd. Systemd controls service status, checks service logs, and launches service on system startup.

Launch additional services

You may launch on your server one or more services depends on your need.

astra init 8001 astra-1

Service name will be astra-1 with the web interface port 8001.

Service management

In this example service name is default: astra

systemctl restart astraRestart service
systemctl start astraStart service
systemctl stop astraStop service
systemctl status astraService status
systemctl enable astraLaunch service on system startup
systemctl disable astraDisable autorun
journalctl -fu astraService logs

Remove service

Before removing service, stop it and turn off autorun:

systemctl stop astra-1
systemctl disable astra-1

Then, remove service from systemd:

astra remove astra-1

This command remove service and log files, while keeping configuration and binary files.