Managing Users

Astra features a simple user management system with three distinct user types, designed to cater to the needs of administrators, technical support, and end-users.

User Roles

In Astra, there are three main user roles, each with different levels of access and functionality:

  • Admin - This role grants full access to manage and control Astra through both the Web-interface and API. Admins can view and modify all settings and configurations as needed
  • Observer - This role allows read-only access to the web-interface dashboard and API. Observers can monitor the system but cannot make changes to the settings or configurations
  • User - This regular user role is designed for controlling access to media content with built-in HTTP Authentication

User List

In the Astra web interface, you can access the users list by navigating to Settings->Users

Users List

The users list is presented as a table with the following fields:

  • Login - unique username for each user
  • Comment - any additional notes or comments about the user
  • Type - role assigned to the user
  • Created - date when the user account was created

When built-in HTTP authentication to control media access is turned on, additional fields will be available in the users list:

  • IP - allowed device IP address for the user, from which access to media content is permitted
  • Expiration - date until which the user account remains active

New User

To create a new user, open the Users list by navigating to Settings -> Users. Click the "New User" button located at the top of the list.

New User

When creating a new user, you will need to fill in the following fields:

  • Enable - user is enabled by the default
  • Login - unique username
  • Password - optionally, set a password for the account
  • Comment - optionally, add any additional notes or comments about the user
  • Type - appropriate user type

Built-in HTTP Authentication

Built-in HTTP authentication in Astra helps control access to the provided media content. You can enable this feature by navigating to Settings -> HTTP Authentication in the Astra web interface.

When HTTP Authentication is active, the user options include additional optional fields:

User HTTP Auth options

  • Token - static secret, typically used to grant access to other servers, such as transcoders or other media streamers. The token is simply appended to the channel address, like:
  • IP - static IP address for the device that is allowed access. By default, any IP is allowed.
  • Expiration - date until which the user account remains active. By default, there is no time limit for the account.
  • Limit connections - number of simultaneous connections allowed for the user. By default, there are no connection limits.
  • Packages - click "New Package" to add a channel category to the user. The user will only have access to channels related to the specified category. New categories can be created in Settings->Groups. By default, all channels are available to the user.
For more advanced authentication requirements, we recommend using external HTTP authentication options, such as HTTP Backend or SecureToken.