Astra installation is a simple process – just copy single binary file to your server.


  • Any Linux based operation system
  • x86 64bit CPU
  • Connection to the internet on your server
  • Periodic internet access is required for license validation by Astra on the servers:,, and
In this guide we use the curl command to download files. Most Linux distribution has pre-installed curl

Install Astra

Open your server console and download binary file:

curl -Lo /usr/bin/astra

Set execute permission:

chmod +x /usr/bin/astra

Installation completed, now you may check version number:

astra -v

Get License

Valid license is required to launch Astra on your server. You may get demo license for free or buy subscription on our web site:

To install license folow an instruction in the email with new license.

Launch Astra

After installation, register new service in the systemd:

astra init

This command registers Astra as a system service with name astra and with management port 8000. To start service launch command:

systemctl start astra

Read more about service management and launching additional services on your server: Manage Astra Service.

Enable autorun

Turn autorun on for your service:

systemctl enable astra

Now service astra will be started automatically on system startup.

Login to Web Interface

After installing Astra, you can access its web interface using a web browser - Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. The default port for the web interface is 8000. So interface address will be http://your-server-address:8000. To log in to the web interface, use the default login and password, which are both set to "admin". It is recommended to change the default password to prevent unauthorized access.

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