Download single binary file to your server and start service in few simple steps.


  • Any Linux based operation system
  • x86 64bit CPU
  • Connection to the internet on your server
In this guide we use the curl command to download files. Most Linux distribution has pre-installed curl

Install Alta

Download binary file and set execute permission. On the server you may use next command:

curl -Lo /usr/bin/alta
chmod +x /usr/bin/alta

Installation completed, now you may check version number:

alta version

Start service

Initialization wizard prepares new service on your system. Each service has owns configuration file, management port, and unique name. Launch initialization wizard with next command:

sudo alta init
  • Service name - name of the service in the system;
  • Config path - full path to the configuration file. Wizard makes parent directories as needed;
  • Admin login - login for first administrator, after configuration you can create additional users in the web interface;
  • Admin password - password for administrator. If you specify own password then on the next step wizard asks for password confirmation. Please note that password is not showing in the console on typing;
  • Management Port - port for API and web interface. Could be defined with local interface address as well, for example;
  • Add service to systemd - service will be registered in the Systemd - a service manager for the Linux based systems. This option useful to control service status, check service logs, and launch service on system startup;
  • Launch service on system startup - this option available only with Systemd. Service will be launched automatically on system startup;
  • Start service - start service immediately after wizard.

On your server you may launch as many services as you want. Just use unique service name and management port. Read more: How To Use Systemctl to Manage Alta Services

Login to Web Interface

Your service is ready to use. Now you may connect to the Cesbo Alta Web Interface using a web browser - Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. In example above we keep default port 8100 so interface address will be http://server-address:8100 where server-address is a server IP or hostname. To log in to the web interface, use the default login admin and password which has been defined in wizard.

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