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In this changelog is a short comparasion with latest stable release 220504


  • SRT library updated to v1.5.1
  • Option statsout=FILE to write SRT receiving/transmitting stats to the CSV file. This file can be processed using
  • Supports the standard address format, such as srt:// If your address contains the # symbol in the streamid option, it should be changed to %23. For example: srt://!::r=LaminorTV,m=request
  • Better receiving stability
  • option oheadbw - recovery bandwidth overhead above input rate. Default: 25
  • options sndbuf and rcvbuf to tune transmitting and receiving buffer size

DVB Virtual adapters

Virtual adapters is an option in the Adapter settings for easy setup streams:

  • MPTS streams: you may define address of the MPTS stream and scan it to append all channels separately. Read more
  • CI adapter: you may configure channels descrambling with external CI adapters like DigitalDevices Octopus Twin CI or TBS6900. Read more
  • SAT>IP adapter: this is replacement for the SAT>IP checkbox in previous versions. Read more
  • SAT>IP: increase receiving buffer size
  • SAT>IP: more log for HTTP connection errors

DVB Tuners & DVB Input

  • For multistandard adapters available option for manual frontend selection - fe_device. This can be found in the web interface: Adapter options -> Advanced -> FE Device
  • Scan DVB adapters before Astra start

DigitalDevices RESI modulator

  • Fix options gain and attenuator for latest drivers
  • Default buffer size increased to 64Mb
  • Reset RESI before starting



  • HLS input supports M3U8 with URLs without scheme. For example: //
  • Bitrate syncing by DTS/PTS timestamps instead of PCR. (many HLS streams has corrupted PCR values)


  • Rewrited authorization algorithms for better performance (moved from Lua scripts to the C-core)
  • HTTP Backend authorization supports redirects
  • Check IP list in HTTP authorization before other methods
  • HLS Output sends empty TS file if file is not found (was 404 error, but some ffplay based players sends many requests trying to reload it)
  • Option Settings -> HLS -> Session Timeout to customize time when session should be closed on inactive


  • Ignore invalid TS files on Input (previous versions restarted receiving)
  • Option src=IP to specify UDP multicast source address for IGMPv3. Example: udp://[email protected]:1234#src=


  • Change EIT type with enabled remux_eit option. If EIT tsid is not equal to the tsid option defined in the MPTS settings, then EIT type will be changed from actual to other


  • option set_pcr_pid to change PCR pid if it separated from video
  • T2MI fix issue with CC errors on some streams


  • Option interval=SEC for InfluxDB address to define sending intervals. Default is 60 second. For example:
  • app_mem_kb in the Process status API. Process memory usage in kilobytes
  • video_count and audio_count in the Stream status API


  • Option delay for slave-mode to start process with delay. Default 3 seconds. Example: astra -c slave.conf -p 8000 --slave "http://master:8000#delay=10"

Web Interface

  • Icon
  • Web Interface from integrated into Astra binary file ( not used anymore)
  • Option to set a custom path to the web interface. This can be found in Settings -> General -> Custom Path. For example, with the path secret, the interface will be available at
  • Option to modify port for the web interface. This can be found in Settings -> General -> Custom Port. This option customizes the port value defined in the -p option. Also supported local interface address, such as - the web will be available only on localhost
  • Option Settings -> HTTP Play -> Path to TV Screenshots - attach channel screenshots to the cards on dashboard
  • Description for channel
  • Modal dialogs to configure stream and adapter settings

Internal changes

  • Moved a lot of code from Lua scripts to the Astra Core for better performance
  • Astra checks port for API and Web interface to prevent launching same process twice
  • Update OpenSSL to v1.1.1t
  • Integrate LibUV v1.44.2 (preparing for switching from internal event processing to libuv)

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