Receiving HTTP MPEG-TS

HTTP-based protocol for video streaming. Astra receives continuous stream from the server in HTTP response.

Address format


This is common HTTP address. Astra supports https as well.

  • login:password – login and password for HTTP authentication. Supports Basic and Digest authentication methods
  • address – IPv4 server address or domain name
  • port – port number. Default: 80 for http and 443 for https
  • path – the path to the resource. Default: /


  • ua=Name – custom User-Agent header
  • timeout=N - timeout for starting receive content from the server. By default 10 seconds
  • debug - log response headers. Debug should also be enabled in the log settings
  • buffer_time=N - specifies the size of the temporary buffer for receiving stream and synchronizing the bitrate. Astra downloads stream data to the buffer at maximum speed, then sends data evenly for processing
  • no_sync - is a short option for buffer_time=0 turns synchronization off and downloads stream data without any limits

Web Interface

To set up HTTP MPEG-TS input in Astra, just write your source address to the Input field.