Receiving RSTP

RSTP is a popular protocol for streaming media over IP networks and is commonly used in IP cameras due to its low-latency and high-quality video streaming capabilities

Address format

RSTP addresses are used to identify the location of the media stream that is being transmitted over the network

  • login:password – login and password for RTSP authentication. Supports Basic and Digest authentication methods
  • address – IPv4 server address or domain name
  • port – port number. Default: 554
  • path – the path to the resource. Default: /


  • tcp – interleaved mode. receive stream over TCP instead UDP
  • ua=Name – custom User-Agent header

Web Interface

To set up an RSTP input in Astra, you can either enter the source address directly into the Input address field in the Stream settings or use the Input configuration form accessed by clicking on the gear icon form:

RTSP Options

  • RSTP address - source address of the RSTP stream
  • Interleaved mode - by the default Astra uses UDP to receive media data from camera, interleaved mode force camera to send data over TCP


h.265 not working

The current version of Astra supports H.264 only

Timeout errors

The error messages may include Connection timeout or Response timeout, which suggest that the camera is not responding to requests from Astra. One possible cause of this issue is when the camera is stuck and cannot respond to requests

Authentication failed

Invalid login or password to the RTSP stream

Unknown encoding format

This may indicate that the data format of the stream is not recognized by Astra. This error can occur when the RSTP stream uses an unsupported data format or encoding method