Options for DVB-S/S2

DVB-S/S2 is a standard for Satellite Television

General options

DVB-S/S2 General Options

  • Frequency - carrier frequency (950-13250 MHz)
  • Polarization - signal polarization. For linear polarization: Vertical, Horizontal. For circular polarization: Right, Left
  • Symbolrate - symbol rate also known as the baud rate, refers to the number of signal changes per second (1000-50000 Kbaud)

LNB (Low-Noise Block) options

LNB Options

  • LOF1 - Low sub-band, MHz
  • LOF2 - High sub-band, MHz
  • SLOF - Sub-band range. If adapter frequency more than SLOF, than will be used LOF2 value and sends tone (22 kHz) signal to LNB to switch
  • Force Tone - option to send 22 KHz tone signal
  • LNB Mode - select additional LNB modes

Default options depends on the adapter frequency:

Frequency rangeLOF1LOF2SLOF
10700 .. 1325097501060011700
4500 .. 4800595000
3400 .. 4200515000
2500 .. 2700365000
950 .. 2150000
For circular polarized converters (e.g. 36°E, 56°E), set 10750 in LOF1

LNB Polarization

The LNB polarization option controls the signal received by the satellite dish. The voltage level for LNB power supply is defined by the polarization:

  • 13V is for Vertical/Right polarization. Switching signal in the range of 11-14 Volts
  • 18V is for Horizontal/Left polarization. Switching signal in the range of 16-20 Volts

LNB Modes

  • LNB Sharing - in this mode, the LNB voltage supply and tone signal are disabled. This allows you to connect several DVB-adapters to a single converter through a passive splitter. On the splitter, only one adapter must be active; the any other adapters should be passive. All adapters on the same splitter should use the same polarization and the same sub-band (frequency greater or less than the value of slof)
  • DiSEqC 1.0 - digital Satellite Equipment Control is a communication protocol for use between a satellite receiver and a device such as a multi-dish switch or a small dish antenna rotor. Version 1.0 allows switching between up to 4 satellite sources
  • DiSEqC 1.1 - allows switching between up to 16 satellite sources
  • DiSEqC Command - sends a raw command to DiSEqC
  • Tone Burst - also known as mini DiSEqC. Allows switching between 2 satellite sources
  • Unicable I (EN50494) - provides simultaneous access to multiple LNBs over a single coaxial cable for several receivers. Version I provides access up to 8 satellite sources
  • Unicable II (EN50607) - provides access to up to 32 satellite sources

Advanced options

DVB-S/S2 Advanced Options

  • Modulation - method used to convert digital data into an analog signal. Default: QPSK for DVB-S, PSK8 for DVB-S2
  • FEC - forward error correction. Default: Auto
  • Roll-Off - spectrum efficiency. Only for DVB-S2. Default: 35
  • Stream ID - PLP stream ID for multistream transponders. Only for DVB-S2

DVB Stream ID Options