TBS6004 DVB-C modulator

Astra 2021.08.09

TBS6004 is a DVB-C 4 QAM modulator PCIe card.

TBS DVB-C modulator

Technical specifications:

  • 4 modulators on the board
  • Frequencies: 100 ~ 1000 MHz
  • Modulation - 16QAM, 32QAM, 64QAM, 128QAM, 256QAM
  • RF Output Level - 5-120 dBuV


Use our guide to Install TBS driver. Use the following command to find the adapter number and the modulator device number:

find "/dev" -name "mod*"

In the output - we will see the numbers of modulators:

  • tbsmod0 - adapter number
  • mod1 - device number

Astra settings

  1. Prepare MPTS for modulator
  2. In the output setting, specify the address: tbs://#adapter=0&device=1 (0 - adapter number, 1 - modulator)
  3. In the MPTS NIT settings, configure transponder options

MPTS NIT Settings

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Additional options

Additional options could be added to the output address:

  • bitrate=N - default value depends on symbolrate and modulation type. For example for symbolrate 6900 and 256-QAM value will be 55
  • gain=N - signal level in range from 0 to 100. Default value: 60


No such file or directory

If you attempt to find the adapter number and encounter an error:

find: ‘/dev/dvb’: No such file or directory

it is likely that the TBS driver is not installed. Please install TBS driver