Receiving HLS

HLS or HTTP Live Streaming is an HTTP-based adaptive bitrate video streaming protocol. It is most popular format for streaming over internet (OTT services). Read more about HLS Protocol

Address format


This is common HTTP address. Astra supports https as well.

  • login:password – login and password for HTTP authentication. Supports Basic and Digest authentication methods
  • address – IPv4 server address or domain name
  • port – port number. Default: 80 for http and 443 for https
  • path – the path to the resource. Default: /


  • ua=Name – custom User-Agent header
  • timeout=N - timeout for HLS segments loading. By default, timeout depend of the segment duration
  • debug - log response headers. Also should be turned on debug in the log messages
  • bandwidth=N - select stream with defined bandwidth. By default, astra select stream with maximal bandwidth value

Web Interface

To set up HLS input in Astra, just write your source address to the Input field.