Channel Settings

Channel is a media stream that can contain a single video stream, or no video at all, along with any number of audio streams or no audio. Channels are commonly used for broadcasting television programs, live events, security camera streams, and other multimedia content.

Channel Options

Each channel has an unique ID. For example travel-tv/1080p, where:

  • travel-tv - is a base channel path
  • 1080p - is a channel variant name

Base Path

The channel base path is the location of the channel resources on the server. In the example above, the channel base path is travel-tv:

  • The HLS URL will be;
  • The local archive will be in /opt/storage/travel-tv.

The base path can be nested, for example: parent-directory/travel-tv.

Variant Name

Cesbo Alta can deliver video in multiple variants with different qualities. This feature is called Multibitrate. To create multibitrate channel, several channels should be created with the same base path and different variant names. For example:

  • travel-tv/1080p - for the HD variant
  • travel-tv/480p - for the SD variant

As a result, the channel will be available through HLS on the same address: This list contains links to all variants, and the Media Player automatically chooses the best variant based on the viewer's available bandwidth and device capabilities. This provides a smoother playback experience with less buffering and higher video quality.


⚠️ this is temporary field and will be removed in next versions

Source address supports next protocols:

  • UDP
  • HTTP and HTTPS
  • RTSP

Archive & Duration

  • Archive - select archive where channel will be stored
  • Duration - define duration for archive in hours. By the default used duration in archive options

HLS Access

  • Media Access - by default, the HLS Media playlist is only accessible through the HLS Index playlist. This option defines a permanent name for HLS Media playlist file
  • Vod Access - sets a permanent name for the HLS VOD (Video On Demand) playlist
  • Index - custom name for the HLS Index playlist. Default is index