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TBS Driver Installation

TBS is a hardware manufacturer specialized on DVB devices: tuners, modulators.

Prepare system

To install drivers needed root privileges:

sudo -s

Install system utilities to build drivers from the source code:

apt -y install \
    build-essential \
    patchutils \
    libproc-processtable-perl \
    linux-headers-$(uname -r) \

Remove old media drivers:

rm -rf /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/extra
rm -rf /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/kernel/drivers/media
rm -rf /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/kernel/drivers/staging/media


Download latest driver from the official repository:

git clone --depth=1 /usr/src/media_build
git clone --depth=1 -b latest /usr/src/media

Build drivers and install it:

cd /usr/src/media_build
make dir DIR=../media
make allyesconfig
make install

Install firmware for DVB adapters:

curl -L | tar -C /lib/firmware/ -jxf -

Restart System

To launch installed drivers restart your system:

shutdown -r now

After reboot check adapters:

ls /dev/dvb

Should be listed all adapters installed in the system. For example:

adapter0 adapter1 adapter2 adapter3 ...


If you have any issues with your DVB Adapters, please check DVB Troubleshooting

Updated on: 28/02/2023

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