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Channel Groups in Astra Settings

Channel Groups provide organizing and managing your media content. The hierarchical structure consists of Categories, Groups, and Channels. By using categories and groups, you can create channel packages for customers based on their subscription plans, while also organizing channels on the dashboard for easier monitoring and administration.

To access and configure group settings, navigate to Settings -> Groups in your Astra Web Interface.


Categories serve as the highest level of the hierarchical sorting structure in Astra, allowing you to broadly classify your media content. For example, you might create categories based on genre, content type, or subscription packages.

Category Options

Category - select an existing category or create a new one
Name - category name


Groups are the next level in Astra's hierarchical sorting structure, providing a more granular organization of channels within a category.

For instance, within a "Genre" category, you could create groups such as Action, Adventure, Drama, and Thriller, each containing channels that fit those specific genres. Groups also play a crucial role in creating customized channel packages for different subscription plans. By assigning channels to specific groups within a category like "Basic Package" or "Full Package," you can control access to channels based on customer tariffs.

Category Groups

Add group - add a new group to the category, providing an arbitrary name for the new group
Guide Arrows - located on the right side of each field. Clicking on it opens a numbered list allowed to change group position. List also includes a "Remove" option, which allows you to remove a selected group

Remove Category

Remove category - delete a selected category and all its related groups. To remove a category, check the "Remove category" box and click the "Apply" button. It is important to note that this action will remove the categories and groups; all channels within those groups will remain unchanged. Please be cautious when using this feature, as the removal of a category and its associated groups cannot be undone.
Apply - this button applies all changes made to a specific category, including adding or removing groups and changing their order


The "Streams" button opens a list of all channels available in the Astra. In this section, you can add channels and streams to groups or remove them from groups.


Updated on: 21/04/2023

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