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Quick Start


Cesbo Astra installation is a simple process – just copy single binary file to your server.


In this guide we use the curl command to download files.
Most Linux distribution has pre-installed curl

Download binary file and set execute permission. On the server you may use next command:

curl -Lo /usr/bin/astra
chmod +x /usr/bin/astra

Check version

After installation or after update you may check installed version:

astra -v

Start service


Service is an application process with specified name and own configuration. You may launch on your server one or more services depends on your need.

After installation, register service in the Systemd – system service manager in most Linux distributions:

astra init

Launch Astra:

systemctl start astra

After start web-interface will be available on: http://your-server-address:8000.
Default login and password: admin .

Astra used port 8000 by the default, you may set any custom port:

astra init 4000

After changing port on existing service it should be restarted. Read more about service configuration in Service Setup